We have some needs for Amma’s program in Toulon. If you wish to donate some equipment, here is the list below:

Equipment and things you can bring directly on site at the program:

  • Home made jams
  • Cutlery, spoons small and big
  • Dishtowels, microfiber
  • Mugs
  • Cloth lines
  • Covers of biscuits metal boxes, for floral compositions
  • Screens
  • Ironer in good condition
  • Vacuum clean in good condition
  • Greenery for decoration
  • Rigid plastic bottles (St Yorre bottles for example)
  • Paperboards (that we give back to you after the program)
  • Wardrobe to store leftover clothes after the program, it will be in Lou Paradou’s cave so no need for it to be fancy, but just that it stands up please.

If you think of any other equipment for gardening, do-it-yourself, handy work… that could be useful to Lou Paradou, and that you don’t use anymore, please contact contact@mam-louparadou.org