Pratiques quotidiennes

A day in Lou Paradou is punctuated by 4 moments of specific practices, and you are invited to join in.

  • In the morning, the recitation of the 1000 names connects us with the supreme Consciousness from which we all emanate as forms.
  • The practice of Seva (meditation in action) in awareness and in the spirit of selfless service, enables us to see our own functioning and to purify our heart.
  • At noon, Meditation helps us develop the inner witness, the presence within ourself.
  • At the end of the Afternoon, through chanting Bhajans, we let go our head, open our heart and express our thirst for beauty, love and light.

Neurosciences have now shown the efficiency of regular positive practices such as yoga, meditation...
These practices have existed for millenniums, particularly in India, and have enabled millions of practitioners to discover the infinite potentialities of the human being !